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Connected Leaders

Why CEOs should be thinking of digital as a leadership platform.

"Craig Mullaney - a Brunswick partner who until recently was Facebook's head of strategic partnerships - says CEOs in corporate communication firms across the GCC need to strengthen their digital presence and capture an untapped and potentially lucrative online audience.

With the GCC having some of the most active online users across the globe, Mullaney, who advises Fortune 500 CEOs and other senior executives on critical communications issues and how to use Facebook and Instagram as leadership and communications channels, says CEOs "should be thinking of digital as a leadership platform".

"CEOs in the region have a unique opportunity to tap into an unusually active online audience," said Washington-based Mullaney, speaking to PRWeek Middle East ahead of a talk in the UAE.

"For example, we know that Saudi Arabia has the highest annual growth rate of social media users globally at 32 per cent (the global average is 13 per cent), and that the UAE has a 99 per cent internet penetration rate."

This article was first published on PRWeek on April 08, 2019 by Jennifer Bell. Read the full article here.