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From mount to carriage, from combustion engine to autonomous electric mobility – the history of society is the history of developing modes of transport. Both individual and public means of travel are constantly undergoing transformation to further move us ahead.

Our Automotive & Mobility Sector team has specialised to support businesses in navigating an ever-changing environment of demands. Electrification, the software revolution, and shifting geopolitical coordinates are just some of the disruptive trends that both established players and market entrants grapple with. 

Working with leading international OEMs and suppliers, we rely on cutting-edge sector intelligence, our extensive stakeholder network, and supplementary perspectives from Brunswick experts in adjacent fields to tackle the most complex critical issues in the automotive and mobility sphere. We have demonstrated and are continuing to prove our expertise in developing bespoke communication strategies – addressing capital markets and financial transaction communities, regulators and public decision-makers, and wider or narrower audiences equally.

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Automotive & Mobility Trends

Structural changes force OEMs and suppliers to rapidly adapt. We asked leading automotive and mobility experts to lay out their view on what moves the sector. Click below to find out what they think.

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Expert Voices on the IAA Mobility 2023

Every other year, the industry convenes in Munich to present state-of-the-art mobility solutions and visionary concepts for future transport. What are the key take-aways from the IAA Mobility 2023? Click below to discover what the industry expected in the run-up to the event and what remains of it as we take a look in the rear mirror.

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