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Tim Payne

Tim Payne

Senior Partner

Tim’s cross-sector and cross-border advisory work, is centred on issues of critical reputation, risk, geopolitical complexity, crisis, and governance.

He joined Brunswick in London in 1994 and transferred to New York in 2000. He relocated again to establish our Asia business out of Hong Kong in 2004, curious to be immersed in the extraordinary and deepening engagement of the region with the rest of the world.

For the past two decades, Tim has developed and led strategy to drive the firm’s growth in Asia. In 2023, he stepped back as regional Head and now divides his time between the US and Asia, with a primary focus to help Asia’s largest companies engage the world, drawing on the full breadth of Brunswick’s international and specialist resources.  Tim has worked on transactions and crises for many of Asia’s most significant companies, and on its highest profile issues. He has also provided long-term advise and created campaigns to help leading companies build deeper engagement and trust. His appreciation for geopolitical, financial, cultural, and personal complexities enables him to formulate strategies framed by context.  His roots as a political campaigner, and his deep understanding of the micro and macro challenges facing the business world of Asia, strengthen his role as a transformative advisor. 

As a director of The Women’s Foundation in Hong Kong and a previous Chair of the 30% Club, Tim is a committed advocate for inclusion, diversity, and gender parity. He sits on the International Advisory Board of the Renmin University of China, School of Business in Beijing and has a Bachelor of Arts in Politics from The University of Sussex.