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Brunswick Geopolitical Webinar

The world has been watching for three weeks as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has unfolded and swiftly escalated into a humanitarian crisis and major economic challenge.

While the landscape and outcomes of the war remain unclear, one thing is certain: the war will continue to have large and lasting impacts on businesses and consumers alike, even those far beyond the unfolding tragedy in the warzone. 

As we’ve seen over the the past few weeks, companies are being forced to respond and take action. Those that have chosen to stay silent or continue business “as usual” risk reputational damage and harsh criticism. But with rising inflation, additional sanctions, supply issues, and threats of nationalization, asset seizure, and cyber-attacks, taking action comes with its own set of challenges. Additionally, businesses will have to consider the long-term implications and second- and third-order effects of this crisis for their business operations, and the risk of setting precedents for future geopolitical crises. 

Brunswick recently hosted a panel discussion and Q&A with a selection of our experts to understand how businesses in the Consumer and Retail Sector must navigate these new challenges in an ever evolving landscape. With Brendan Riley, Mike Rogers, and Anthony Gardner, moderated by Jayne Rosefield and Kate Fall.