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Ensuring the message of an American acquisition resonates with a UK business.

Tennessee-based ServiceMaster is a leading provider of pest control, cleaning and restoration services operating in 24 countries. When it acquired UK's Mitie Commercial Pest Control, we were asked to communicate the acquisition to employees, customers and investors.

The first question was whether to change the business name. Surveying the company's key customers, we decided ‘Terminix’ – an existing ServiceMaster brand - was the best option. Then, building a creative concept around the theme You serve, you care, you deliver, we sought to emphasise a US-UK cultural alignment and an appreciation of Mitie employees’ expertise.

The launch began with an employee event that was streamed live globally.  Printed collateral and a humorous welcome animation ensured Day 1 landed with positivity and excitement.

Did our ideas work? ServiceMaster’s corporate comms director: “The concept was fun, fresh and conveyed the excitement we wanted to create among our newest employees in the UK.”

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