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Skytop Strategies: Shareholder Engagement & Communication London

See an interview with Amelia below on the implications of shareholder engagement spreading to the UK and European markets. 

The focus of the 2018 Shareholder Engagement and Communication conference centered on the growing trend of shareholders increasing involvement in their ownership of firms. Industry experts, senior-level corporate executives and institutional shareholders convened to share their experiences and discuss how to enhance the outcomes of your engagement strategy for mutual value creation. This program includes a highlight of new frameworks and techniques designed to maximize your engagement strategy, encompassing multidisciplinary approaches for handling shareholder engagements. 

Amelia Pan moderated a panel discussion: 'U.S. Activists: How They are Targeting U.K. Companies'. Now that activism is beginning to gain momentum in the UK it is important to understand the methods activists are taking to target European companies. This session reviewed how activists are taking into account the diferent types of European corporate cultures in order to better target them. View the full agenda.

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