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Royal Opera House Muscat - bringing the world to Oman

The Gulf’s iconic and trailblazing performing arts venue looks to establish its place alongside international peers.

Brunswick Arts has been working to solidify the positioning of the Royal Opera House Muscat, a Middle Eastern opera house, as a world-leading venue for western classical music and opera. Facing the challenge of communicating both the high quality of programming and the unique vision and position of the institution, while facing some cynicism from those who tend to see all Arab countries as the same, Brunswick have focused on helping the opera house to tell its story directly by hosting a series of press trips to Muscat for leading international music and arts journalists. Over the past two seasons we have successfully run multiple trips attended by top publications across target markets of the UK, Europe and Asia. These have helped further establish the opera house as a unique proposition in the Gulf, whose programming is on par with other top venues around the world.