The Talk at Brunswick: Rahm Emanuel Looks at the 2020 Campaigns and Systemic Racism

In this podcast, the former Obama Chief of Staff and Mayor of Chicago talks to Brunswick CEO Neal Wolin about Trump, Biden and the social responsibilities of public companies.

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 In August, a webinar organized by Patti Solis Doyle, herself a former Hillary Clinton advisor and now Brunswick Partner, featured a conversation with Democratic strategist Rahm Emanuel and Brunswick CEO Neal Wolin. The three have worked together in the White House and Patti and Rahm have known each other since their days in Chicago working on Mayor Richard M. Daley’s campaign.


Patti graciously handed the conversation over to Neal and Rahm, who analyzed Trump’s chances, Biden’s strategies and the critical campaign issues they face, before turning to the role public companies can play in dismantling the cruel artifacts of systemic racism.

The complete write-up features excerpts from the webinar and appears in Brunswick Review’s ongoing Issue X: The COVID-19 Edition.

This is Episode 4 of our new podcast, “The Talk at Brunswick,” where we feature interesting conversations with the leaders in business, culture and political life that go into each issue of the Brunswick Review. Click here to subscribe.


This episode was produced and its theme song created by Carlton Wilkinson, Managing Editor of the Brunswick Review.