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Populism comes of age

A survey of European populist parties, their policies and programs.

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Last weekend, Europe’s 500m citizens headed to the polls and voted for the 2019 EU Parliament. They elected a more fragmented pro-EU majority, with traditional centre-ground parties losing seats to Greens and Liberals. As a result, for the first time in the history of the EU, the centre-right and centre-left political groups have lost their combined majority.

The prediction for Eurosceptic and far-right populist parties to make substantial advances didn’t materialise and they only made modest gains. Nevertheless, a fragmented EU parliament with a weakened centre is likely to increase the influence of the populist parties. So what is therefore the true extent and influence of these parties on policies that affect businesses and citizens?

‘Populism comes of age’ analyses the current populist political landscape, the historic rise of populism, and the effect of populism on economic policy making and market regulation. Sign up here to receive the piece in full.