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Employee engagement, Strategy rollout.

Global biscuit and chocolate company, pladis wanted to share their new strategy, ‘Compete to Win’ with their 16,000 global employees, from biscuit bakeries to sales teams. Our solution to the challenge was based on 3 key elements: Simplicity, Creativity, Participation.

The strategy needed to have its own distinct look and feel and to be instantly recognisable, to differentiate it from other communications. pladis have a range of amazing well-known and loved brands, so we decided to place their products front and centre in our creative platform. Interestingly, this was the first time that pladis had used the full range of their products in their internal communications. This helped to create standout and relatability. Another creative tool in our campaign was an ActivityMap. This was a set of structured discussions a team went through together to share ideas on how to bring the strategy to life.

The campaign launch was repurposed due to the 2020 pandemic, but was successfully launched across all digital channels. The launch post on Workplace had more than 5,800 views, making it the most viewed post ever since the platform launch.

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