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Bringing happiness to life.

Bringing happiness to life.

After the success of our ‘complete to win’ employee engagement campaign, pladis approached Brunswick Creative to refresh its brand. Although their individual product brands are well-known, much loved, and have a powerful brand equity, they wanted the overarching pladis brand to have a stronger voice.

A strong element of the current visual identity is the logo: bold, eye-catching and created in the “pladis red”. To build on the foundations already in place and give that all-important sense of both progress and longevity; innovation and heritage, we introduced the Yildiz star to emphasise the pride in being part of the group, while developing the idea behind a constellation of star brands. We worked on the narrative, bringing to life the brand. Creating a visual identity that not only reflected the pladis purpose, ‘Happiness with every’ but also kept the familiarity of the existing look and feel. The outcome was a mature, fresh take on the brand that had the pladis purpose running throughout.

The client said, “Feedback so far on the new website has been overwhelmingly positive - hooray!”