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Zaina Jabur

Theme: Cheering technology change (technology is changing quicker than society, the economy, and government) and all for the better

This is an such an exciting and timely opportunity to address globally pertinent topics, highlighted by the Brunswick Insight's research, at a time when the world is on the cusp of dramatic changes. The programme allows me the chance to get my finger on the pulse of social perspectives and issues and explore these areas in depth with an influential leader in today's business world. It will be a unique experience for me to sit down with a pivotal figure and get a window into their thoughts on these issues and how it affects their businesses as well as society.

Andrew Murray

Theme: Globalization is dead, long live the free market.

Carley Grelié

Theme: Education & skills

I am excited to be part of the Brunswick programme to challenge today's leaders on how they can drive their businesses to better serve society. Brunswick's Perspectives has uncovered that global citizens are, generally, more enthusiastic about business providing solutions to major challenges than conventional wisdom would have us believe. I want to understand how today's business leaders are addressing these challenges and how we, as tomorrow's leaders, can use innovation and creativity to do even better.

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Yvette Hakim

Theme: Augmented Reality, AI and Virtual Reality

The ability to use a creative solution like Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality to explore societal issues is fascinating and having the opportunity to speak to an expert in the field will provide unique insight not only into the vision behind AR's powerful potential, but how this vision can be executed. In combination with the extensive research provided by Brunswick, I look forward to uncovering key themes, identifying industries where AR can make significant impact, and ultimately understanding how AR can be utilized to make life better for our collective community.

Laura Arribas Arceredillo

Theme: Transforming the quality of education

This is a unique opportunity from so many different angles. It will give us access to valuable insights in order to learn about really interesting topics like automation and education. We will also be trained on interviewing and delivering engaging presentations to large audiences; aspects that will push me quite far away from my comfort zone but that I can’t wait to do!

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Suzy McClintock

Theme: Businesses must be demonstrably honest and trustworthy