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The Social CEO

The world has moved online, including your company's employees, investors, consumers, the media and politicians in almost every country. So why aren’t more CEOs using social media to lead at scale?

5 to 1
By a more than 5 to 1 ratio, employees prefer to work for a CEO who uses digital and social media.

9 out of 10
9 out of 10 financial readers cite the importance of social media communications by CEOs during a crisis.

60% of employees considering joining a company will research a CEO’s social media accounts.

9 to 1
By a margin of 9 to 1, financial readers trust a Connected Leader more than a CEO who does not use social media as part of their work.

We frequently hear apprehension from executives, but for every concern, there’s a scalable solution.

  • Scale and control of messaging: Digital channels allow an executive to speak directly to stakeholders around the world, with control over the messaging, timing, and delivery.
  • Lead and inspire employees: Not only do employees prefer to work for a CEO that uses digital, but executives have used their digital platforms to publicly recognize staff contributions and signal transparency to better engage and retain employees.
  • Break out of the CEO bubble: Gaining unfiltered insight and engaging directly with stakeholders is invaluable in helping an executive better steer their organization.
  • Build the ark before the flood: Investors and employees expect to hear from a CEO during a crisis. And while a CEO can’t simply sign up to social media amid a crisis, they can establish deep-rooted trust with stakeholders before it’s needed.

We can help your team at every step of the way, with a strategic approach rooted in expertise, research and data to develop an effective CEO social media strategy.

Our team can help any executive or leadership team seize these opportunities with a proven approach that includes strategy, executive vision and values, content, and measurement. Through experience with hundreds of top leaders around the world, we have learned that the priority is to keep the process simple, efficient and flexible.

Whether developing an initial effort or refreshing an existing program, we begin with research grounded in real-world business objectives to ensure leadership communications are meaningful, valuable, and sustainable. We work across the spectrum from advisory to support to full execution, with individual leaders or teams, and along the way we always aim to improve the capability of our clients' organization.

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