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Pascal Lamy has contributed to a wide range of articles and reports analyzing the impact of Brexit and populism on Europe.

Please see below a selection of articles written by Pascal Lamy.

Foundation of free trade - Read the full piece in Japanese

The Nikkei | Interview with Pascal Lamy |05 September 2018

During a visit to Tokyo in September 2018, The Nikkei interviewed Pascal where he commented on a variety of topics including the recent trade war, TPP, TAG and Brexit. According to Pascal, the backlash on free trade is caused by a decline of social systems, and the rise of populism is attributed to domestic issues. Therefore, solving domestic issues such as unemployment and medical problems should make up of 80% of the total efforts to tackle protectionism, while the remaining 20% comes from international efforts. The obstructive factor of free trade is also not custom duty but food and safety regulations as well as the urgent need of digitalization. Pascal also expressed that he is more worried about the future of democracy than globalization and establishing a system that encompasses both capitalism and socialism is essential.



The WTO must be able to exist without Donald Trump.

Le Point l Author Pascal Lamy l 2nd September 2018

"There are two possible interpretations of Trump's statement. We must therefore prepare for two situations." 

Read the article in full in original French

Trump trade tariff plan ‘will backfire’

BBC World Service l Clip of interview with Pascal Lamy l 2nd March 2018

"US consumers will end up paying more for goods if President Trump's plan to impose tariffs on steel and aluminium imports goes ahead"

Europe, Germany, France: Evolution of public opinions

Institut Jacques Delores l Co-Authors - Pascal Lamy, Sébastien Maillard, Henrik Enderlein, Daniel Debomy l 13th September 2017

Opinion polls show us that Europe enjoys again public opinions’ approval, with the significant support of the French and the German. Nevertheless, they continue to differ on their judgments on economy and globalisation.

Repair and prepare: Growth and the Euro after Brexit

Institut Jacques Delores l Co-Authors - Pascal Lamy, Jörg Asmussen, Laurence Boone, Aart De Geus, Maria João Rodrigues, António Vitorino 20th September 2016 

Reforms and a deepening of European economic and monetary union are vital for the future of the EU. If the euro fails, the entire European project is at risk.

The EU and our collective security: Stronger together!

Institut Jacques Delores l Co-Authors - Pascal Lamy, António Vitorino, Pascal Lamy, Enrico Letta and Yves Bertoncini l 17th June 2016

The people of Europe are facing a multi-faceted security challenge that they need to confront together now more than ever before, whatever the outcome of the British referendum. They need to place their “collective security” at the very heart of the European construction, underlining their recent progress in the field but also framing it within a mobilising global vision.

A TV interview with Pascal Lamy, former director-general of the WTO from 2005 – 2013; professor John Gong from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing; and David Mahon, managing director of Mahon China Investment Management Limited in Beijing on CGTN.

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