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Natura & Co

Business integration

When Brazilian beauty giant Natura acquired Avon, they needed not just to announce the deal to the world, but also to tell their millions of consultants, representatives, and employees why and how this would create the best beauty group for the world.

Beginning in November 2019 and with a launch scheduled for early January 2020, we had to decide quickly how best to turn the core narrative into creative outputs. Our solution was to create an overarching Integration Guide, supporting materials, and a bespoke purpose film, shot globally. Articulating key messaging and capturing the diversity of the combined group – across all channels in 12 languages.

By January 2020 we delivered a fully integrated multilanguage, multi-market, multi-brand communications programme to multiple stakeholders. The response from all four corners of the new expanded Natura &Co was overwhelmingly strong with employees and reps excited for what’s to come. The materials were dynamic, engaging and human; setting up Natura &Co for future success.

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