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Connected Leadership Survey

The Connected Leadership Survey was conducted by Brunswick Insight. The 3,600 employees surveyed were individuals across major global markets who are full-time or part-time at for-profit companies with over 1,000 employees. The margin of error for the overall sample is +/- 1% but increases per specific markets and subgroups. Data was collected from February 15 to February 26, 2022. The 2,800 financial readers surveyed were members of the public across major global markets that regularly read at least two financial news publications. The margin of error is +/- 1% but increases per specific markets and subgroups. Data was collected from February 15 to March 1, 2022.

The survey was conducted among respondents that had affirmatively opted into participating in a pre-existing GDPR-compliant online sample. The survey did not collect sensitive personally identifiable information. Surveys for both audiences were fielded in English with the option of the market’s native language, where applicable.

Market Employees Financial Readers
United States N=1,000 N=400
United Kingdom N=1,000 N=400
Germany N=600 N=400
Singapore N=500 N=400
Hong Kong SAR N=500 N=400
United Arab Emirates -- N=400
Saudi Arabia -- N=400


Connected Leadership Interviews

The respondents we spoke with in our in-depth interviews were selected as “best-in-class” due to their sustained and varied approaches on social media, in a manner tailored to their business objectives and target audiences. These practitioners ranged from CEOs and business leaders themselves to senior employees in executive communications, corporate communications, and social media. The respondents represented leaders at 16 companies across multiple markets and a wide range of sectors and industries, including automotive, banking, energy and resources, financial services, FinTech, pharmaceutical, quick service restaurants, retail, telecommunications, transportation, and utilities.


About The Authors

Craig Mullaney is a Partner in Brunswick’s Washington, D.C. office, where Noah Kristula-Green and Georgina Malloy are Directors, Scott Foster is an Associate, Zach Schoengold is an Account Director, and Meredith Hessel is an Executive. Elizabeth Martin is an Account Director in Brunswick’s Dallas office, where Gabriel Roberson is an Executive. Kirsty Cameron is an Associate in Brunswick’s San Francisco office.

The report was designed by Adam Taylor, who is a Senior Designer in Brunswick’s New York office.