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Investor Days: It’s Catch-Up Time

Brunswick Strategic Investor Relations

Large-cap US companies are lagging their pre-pandemic pace for hosting investor days, presenting a clear opportunity for management teams to engage.

This is notable given data indicates firms who host investor days have shown stronger relative returns vs. those who do not. In this report, we take a look at trends in US investor days over the past 10 years, including over 1,150 events for S&P 500 companies, with a focus on the pre-pandemic and recent pandemic periods.

Key Takeaways

  • The hammer in the strategic toolkit. Investor days are valuable to management as well as to investors. Planning and executing an investor day brings organizations together by committing everyone to a strategic plan and public financial targets.
  • Odds are you’re overdue. Large-cap US firms paused or slowed investor day activity as a result of the pandemic, and have only begun to rebound, creating an opportunity to re-engage now and get back on track.
  • Survey says: it’s worth it. Companies that host an investor day are more likely to have stock outperformance. While we do not assert cause and effect, we observe better relative stock performance (vs. sector benchmarks) among companies that held investor days in both the periods before and after the pandemic.

Download our complete findings here.