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Igniting possibilities through an evolving rebrand

Traditionally a conservative industry, the insurance landscape is changing with access to vast quantities of data and the use of AI traditional thinking is being eroded. Brand new, very agile competitors are emerging at enormous speed and posing a threat to more the established industry players.

Product development can take up to 6 months, policies and sales tools are not connected and an inefficient CRM makes it tougher to engage and grow client relationships.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2018, Coherent is a key industry player in insurtech keen to ignite change and make the sector brighter, simpler, and more inclusive. However, the old corporate brand and website did not reflect the current brand strategy or the purpose and passion of their people. As an emerging key industry player keen to ignite change, Coherent wanted to harness this energy to create a unique, bold, and defining rebrand, positioning themselves as energetic and purpose-driven in a traditionally conservative industry.

Igniting change

We developed a brand platform around the idea of “Clear thinking in a complex world”, and from that developed a tone of voice strapline #nowyoucan. The new brand needed to capture the mindset of this forward-looking company, so we developed a digital-first brand. It also needed to have the ability to evolve and grow as Coherent inevitably does, as it adds services and products to its portfolio. Beyond just the brand identity, additional work has been done to highlight Coherent's unique B2B positioning through its proprietary ‘Spark’ platform.

Introducing Sparky

It’s all in the brand name, as Coherent is all about making the complex more clear, succinct, and effective. Sparky was introduced to elevate the strength of Coherent's core proprietary technology and single it out as the underlying foundation where all the platforms are built upon. Creating content that works on social, by blending strategy and film was central to evolving the brand. We advised anchoring this through a series of animations. So, along came ‘Sparky’, Coherent’s technology mascot to distill sometimes complicated information down into easily digestible content that can be shared across Coherent’s various platforms.

MerchantCantos has helped us realise our campaign through creative and unconventional ways that are not typically seen in the insurtech industry. They’ve truly helped us explore outside the box and have crystallised our messaging in a way that lives up to our “Coherent” brand name.

~ Jasmine Tin, Head of Marketing & Social Growth

Find out more about Coherent here and if you have any questions about evolving your brand, please contact Wendy Choy or Nick Read, Brunswick Creative, Hong Kong