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A Surprise Increase in Trust of Digital Sources Highlights Their Importance for Investors

Much ink has been spilled and many pixels stimulated with commentary on how digital and social media might be influencing politics, marketing, and culture.

Is the behavior of investors who move and make markets changing? And how are those changes affecting big investment trends?

The headline stories in this year’s Brunswick Digital Investors Survey are about trust and source-accumulation, and the results may surprise you.


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Silicon Valley's Quiet Giant

Sequoia’s Global Managing Partner Doug Leone talks to Brunswick’s Shahed Fakhari Larson about the secrets behind the investment firm’s remarkable track record and the role the immigrant experience has played in his career.


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Activism: What can art learn from business?

Leaders of art institutions and big businesses find themselves in surprisingly similar situations. For decades, their performance – and very often their job tenure – were largely determined by a single group: In the corporate world, that was shareholders; in the art world, the board of trustees.

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Brunswick's Annual Dinner at Tulane Corporate Law Institute

Brunswick will host its annual dinner atTulane's Corporate Law Institute featuring a conversation on Super Tuesday results and the 2020 election. 

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