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Webinar: The mental health challenge for business: is COVID-19 a watershed?

Mental health has been rising up the agenda in recent years, as rates of anxiety, depression and substance abuse have sharply increased around the world. Concerns about the mental health impacts of COVID-19 have intensified the conversation. Join our panel of experts for a discussion on what corporate leadership now looks like on mental health.

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Digital Investor Survey 2020 Webinar

Brunswick's Digital Investor Survey has been tracking digital and social media behavior of buy-side investors and sell-side analysts around the world for a decade.

Marshall Manson and Noah Kristula-Green provide insight into which sources investors trust and what they do with the information they learn.

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Investor Whisperer

When Sohaib Abbasi became CEO of Informatica, Wall Street forecasted “dark days ahead.” By the end of his tenure the company’s share price had grown 800 percent. He tells Brunswick’s Stephanie Wakefield about the delicate dance of building trust with Wall Street.

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Investors & Climate Change: What's Really Going On?

Investors are increasingly noisy on climate change, but is there a gap between words and actions? Brunswick’s Christophe Guibeleguiet and Jessica Atkins investigate.

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