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Businesses today need an advisory firm that’s built to deal with the complex challenges they face. We are that firm.

Our purpose is to help our clients play their role in society more successfully.  

And we do this for the leadership teams of many types of organizations – in all sectors and all geographies.

Critical issues, critical stakeholders

We help our clients engage on the issues that matter most, across the full spectrum of their stakeholders.


Brunswick supports companies during critical financial situations such as M&As, IPOs and Shareholder Activism, as well as ongoing financial communications such as Investor Engagement, ESG and Corporate Governance.

Regulatory & Political

Brunswick’s Public Affairs offer can help companies engage constructively with regulators and government stakeholders, and our Geopolitics team helps clients stay in front of the big global macro trends.


Brunswick helps companies navigate the complex array of societal challenges – such as climate change, and inequality – as well as articulating a company’s “purpose” and developing leadership campaigns on social issues.

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The Latest from the Brunswick Review

Connected Leadership

Our latest research shows that corporate stakeholders expect business leaders to be adaptive, connected, and engaged – using digital & social media to do so. From misinformation to employee engagement to crisis, the data is clear. Stakeholders expect a Connected Leader.

Read our report to learn why Connected Leadership matters and how to get started.

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The ESG Agenda podcast

The ESG Agenda, a podcast from Brunswick Group, hosted by Partner Amelia Pan. 

Listen to Season 2, Episode 6 now.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Brunswick we are committed to the values of diversity, equity and inclusion: everybody, regardless of their cultural background, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, expression, disability or religion, must be able to fully participate in our firm and in society, wherever they are in the world.

For us, these principles are not passive statements: they are an agenda for action, and a formula for success. Building a more inclusive culture will make us a more dynamic firm, better able to reflect the world we live in, and anticipate our clients’ changing needs.