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Bringing purpose to reporting.

Halma is a group of life-saving technology companies, providing innovative solutions to many of the key problems facing the world today. Halma wanted to tell their purpose story in more depth, explaining how they are ‘Growing a Safer, Cleaner, Healthier future for Everyone Every Day’.

To take the story beyond the financial impacts they make, emphasising what they do on an environmental and societal level and demonstrating the governance principles that underpin everything they do. Halma was clear that its report should feel unique to them.

It had to articulate their purpose throughout in a bold and engaging way. Which is why we positioned an impactful spread to tell their story beyond financial performance right at the front of the report. It explains the business clearly through an ESG lens, focusing on environmental initiatives and what they are doing for wider society. Clever sign posting conveys extra layers of the story, adding depth to their sustainable growth model.

The 2020 report is Halma’s clearest expression yet of its unique business, balancing information for investors in the form of investment proposition and business model with rich detail of its purpose focused on a safer, cleaner, healthier world for all.



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