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Global Views: Connected Leadership Expands with Italian CEOs

With just over half of the CEOs present on social media, Borsa Italiana FTSE Mib, Mid Cap & Small Cap CEOs in Italy have major room for improvement in establishing a digital presence.

Only 15% of CEOs in Italy are active on social media–relatively low compared to their peers in the U.S. and the U.K. (25%).

Key Findings

  • LinkedIn is the top platform for CEOs in Italy where 53% maintain a profile. Twitter is the second most popular platform, with 5% of CEOs in Italy present.
  • The top sectors represented by CEOs in Italy active on social media are Utilities, Industrial Goods & Services and Media.
  • Potential employees use social media to research the leadership of future employers and by more than a 2 to 1 ratio say they would prefer to work for a CEO that uses digital and social media as opposed to one that does not.
  • For existing employees, direct and transparent leadership ranks third among retention factors, only behind pay and benefits.


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What the top Connected Leaders do right globally

Use visuals

The Top 50 Connected Leaders understand the importance of visual content, with a majority using photos and videos in their posts in the last year.

Be yourself

Leaders who are connected and respected share another characteristic – they’re themselves. Authenticity is a key factor in meaningful digital communications.

Commit to consistency

The Top 50 Connected Leaders post more frequently than other active CEOs. These leaders post twice as much content as their peers, while maintaining a high level of quality in their content.