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FT-Optiv CISO Summit

Ria Thomas, our Global Co-Lead for Cybersecurity, was a speaker at this event. 

Headlines about cyber security continue to dominate the global news agenda. Senior executives are well aware that successful breaches of their cyber defence pose a significant risk to customers, resources, reputation and bottom line. As the threat landscape becomes increasingly murky and difficult to navigate, the cybersecurity ecosystem is evolving to meet it: a dizzying array of products and services, all constantly updated and reworked by thousands of different vendors and providers.

In this fast-paced, high-stakes environment, cybersecurity leaders are juggling an impossible variety of business imperatives. Identify the most efficient solutions in a crowded cybersecurity market; fight for the resources to attract and retain world-class talent; keep an eye on digital transformation, continually evaluating new products and services; navigate the physical and cultural obstacles impeding secure transformation. And all the while, stay abreast of a range of threat vectors, and ensure that board members are kept informed of the company’s cyber hygiene headlines.

It is clear that the role of cybersecurity teams, and the environment in which they are operating, have become overwhelmingly complex. How can security leaders identify the most efficient tools and processes to manage cyber-attacks? How can they accelerate their business’ cyber maturity and improve operational outcomes proactively, rather than on the back foot? Can the industry itself be streamlined to become more business- friendly?

This event is invitation only but you can find more information here. 

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