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France’s New Government: Business as Usual?

Three weeks after his victory over Marine Le Pen and his re-election as President of France, Emmanuel Macron announced the appointment of Elisabeth Borne as Prime Minister and the formation of a new government, bringing together a selection of well-known figures from mainstream political parties.

This government will not be able to pass new laws before the legislative elections of June 12 and 19. Until then, its main mission is to persuade French voters to renew the absolute majority Macron needs to implement his programme over the next five years. Macron will need to pay greater attention to social issues during this second term and respond to the widespread discontent voiced during the presidential election – and demonstrated by strong support for left and right extremes. Avoiding more social upheaval in the ‘yellow vests’ vein is a sine qua non. Brunswick's Paris office analyses the composition of this new government, and what it means for companies doing business in France.

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