ESG: Are you ticking boxes or crystallizing your value proposition?

Together with co-hosts D.F. King, Brunswick asked a panel of ESG market participants this very question, leading to a lively debate about the $30 trillion #SRI market. On the panel, moderated by Trelawny Williams, were Marie Roemer, Antje Stobbe, David Chase Lopes and Brunswick’s Fiona Wright and Meaghan Ramsey. “The approach taken by companies towards ESG is fast becoming one of the defining factors in how they are regarded. A good understanding of what is required and how to deliver is essential”, noted Trelawny Williams. “The sweeping scope of ongoing Sustainable Finance initiatives in Brussels will, once complete, require corporates to provide more comprehensive, consistent and comparable ESG data for investors to make a reliable assessment of associated risks and opportunities,” added Fiona Wright. “This is a reflection of the changing expectations of the role companies are playing in the world, especially in the face of critical issues like climate change or inequality”, concluded Meaghan Ramsey., not only for investors but all stakeholders.”

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