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Engaging with this year's G7

The Brunswick Team in Milan

February 2024

  • The diminishing influence of the West underscores the need for this year’s G7 to pave the way for a constructive dialogue within the global community and restore credibility to multilateralism.

  • With the ascendance of China, India and other members of the expanding ‘BRICS+,’ the shifting influence creates challenges for global leaders who need to navigate new complexities and multinationals that must carefully manage their supply-chain and sales dependencies.

  • With Italy’s push for tangible results, an unprecedentedly high number of sector-specific meetings and a focus on Africa and AI, companies and leaders have the chance to contribute to this G7 and bring forward their perspectives.

Why it matters

Italy will host the G7 Leaders’ Summit in Puglia from 13-15 June, setting the priorities for the agenda of this year’s forum. The Italian government has emphasized the significance of this G7 meeting to enhance the country’s role on the international stage, stressing the necessity to yield tangible results, which implies the engagement of a wide range of stakeholders, from civil society to businesses and experts.

This G7 occurs at a unique time in history amid armed conflicts on the European Union’s borders and in the Middle East, and in a year when over 70 countries are going to the polls. Of note, the Leaders’ Summit will take place shortly after the outcome of the European elections, which will inevitably influence the forum at least in terms of discussions of results and a possible new formation of the Union.

Expanded opportunities for businesses to engage

This year's G7 summit is historically distinct due to the unprecedented number of ministerial-level meetings – 20 in total. This extensive segmentation across themes and industries offers a greater opportunity for businesses and organizations to join the conversation, advance their priorities and shape the G7's strategic direction, which, in turn, contributes to the shaping of global long-term visions.

Companies and organizations can share their perspectives through an engagement plan with the G7 national coordinators or their delegates before sector meetings during the year and at the Leaders’ Summit. That means engaging with Italian officials and media is a critical element to steering discussions toward areas of corporate interest, ensuring that the dialogue reflects the priorities of the global business community.

With a focus on Africa and AI, the agenda will encompass several increasingly interconnected subjects such as public health and food security, education and research, international finance and development, security and inclusion. Energy and climate change, meanwhile, would play a key part in all meetings.

Africa’s central role

Africa is expected to top this year’s agenda. Italy has indicated its intention to deepen ties with key African nations in a mutually beneficial manner, particularly through initiatives that promote stability, security and sustainable development.

This approach addresses critical issues such as energy security, migration and climate change, and opening avenues for business discussions in areas including infrastructure, energy, healthcare, trade, agriculture and resources.

Setting a direction for artificial intelligence

The Italian government reiterated the need for international cooperation from both the public and the private sectors to establish a global AI governance system, which ought to ensure that the rapidly advancing applications in areas like health, climate, mobility and security are harnessed as opportunities that serve humanity.

Businesses have an opportunity to lead on AI and to contribute to shaping a unified approach to this multifaceted issue, particularly in light of the first European legal framework on the subject and other governments working on a regulatory landscape.

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The 2024 G7 calendar

G7 Leaders’ Summit

13-15 June

Borgo Egnazia (Puglia)

Ministerial Meetings



Industry, Tech and Digital

13-15 March

 Verona (Veneto) and Trento (Trentino Alto Adige)


11-13 April

Milan, at Palazzo Reale (Lombardy)

Foreign Affairs (1)

17-19 April

Capri (Campania)

Climate, Energy and Environment

28-30 April

Turin, at Venaria Reale (Piedmont)


9-10 May

Venice (Veneto)


23-25 May

Stresa (Piedmont)


27-29 June

Trieste (Friuli Venezia Giulia)

Science and Technology

9-11 July

Bologna and Forlì (Emilia Romagna)


16-17 July

Villa San Giovanni and Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

Urban Development

24-26 July

Genoa (Liguria)

Labor and Employment

11-13 September

Cagliari (Sardinia)


19-21 September

Positano (Campania)


26-28 September

Siracusa (Sicily)

Interior Affairs

2-4 October (TBC)

Avellino (Campania)

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

4-6 October


Matera (Basilicata)


9-11 October

Ancona (Marche)

Inclusion and Disability

14-16 October

Assisi and Perugia (Umbria)


13-15 November

Tuscany (TBC)

Foreign Affairs (2)

Date TBC

Fiuggi (Latium)


Date TBC

Pescara (Abruzzo)

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