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Engagement is the foundation for any virtual event

If you think technology is the answer to your virtual event, then you are starting in the wrong place.

We have all had to adapt to new ways of working over the last couple of months, moving operations online and looking for increasingly more creative ways of communicating whether that’s one-on-one or in teams. And, its no different with gatherings like AGM’s where the cornerstone of the event is to bring people together to communicate a company’s performance. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant convening large-scale events in a traditional manner is not feasible. However, the opportunity to design, produce and deliver interactive and informative events like AGM’s and investor meetings are still infinite.

But, how do you create a virtual AGM while keeping your audience engaged and viewers watching?

Our experience of producing virtual live events is that you should not try to re-create an actual in person live event. Instead you should think of the event as a live broadcast.

To keep the audience engaged you need to use the tried and trusted techniques that broadcasters use to keep viewers watching:

  • Brevity – no session should be too long
  • Variety – there must be a mix of content – live, pre-recorded, films that take you out into the real world, panels, Q&A, polling, set piece speeches etc.
  • Signposting – you must constantly tell the viewers what is coming up so that they keep watching.
  • Flow – the programme must flow smoothly from element to element. This will only come from rehearsal and a strict running order.
  • Stability – the technical platform must work smoothly, or viewers become frustrated.
  • Brand – the programme must look like it is a whole and not a series of discrete content segments.

At Brunswick Creative we believe that it is vital that you lead with strong editorial guidance backed up with excellent technical skills to achieve the outcome you desire. If either side is lacking, then you will not end up with a successful event programme.

If you have any questions about anything discusses here or would like to know more about hosting virtual events, please get in touch.