Employee engagement: Planning your return to work | Brunswick Group

Employee engagement: Planning your return to work

Brunswick Group provides recommendations for employee engagement across four stages of re-opening and a checklist on areas companies should focus on.

As Thailand moves into its third phase of relaxing lockdown measures, the nation is seeing more businesses starting to resume physical operations with employees gradually returning to work on their premises.While the government has introduced strict hygiene and social distancing measures, the onus is on companies to ensure their workforce is well protected in order to manage concerns as employees experience and adapt to a new normal.

There are two important elements to bear in mind as you plan your business’ return to work: developing an operational plan, which sets out company policies such as phased return and social distancing practices, and devising a behavioural plan, which addresses the changes needed in how employees work. The latter is increasingly important – and incredibly challenging – as the new world of work will require employees to make significant adjustments to their hard-wired habits.

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