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Connected Leadership in the Age of Purpose: Non-Governmental Organizations

Leadership is being redefined in a world of accelerating complexity, speed, and connectivity. With 86% active on social media, leaders of NGO Advisor’s Top 50 NGO’s list are more connected than their corporate counterparts around the world.

Of the list, 43 of the world’s top 50 nonprofit leaders are making inroads via their social media activity, setting the bar for peers in this sector.

In a crowded space, leaders need clear strategies, exceptional content, and campaigns to breakthrough and reach their target audiences.

Key Findings

From the leaders of NGO Advisor’s Top 50 NGOs

“The easiest answer as to who should be out front in thought leadership is the CEO or the Board Chair,”
Rick Cohen, CCO & COO National Council of Nonprofits

  • 48% of NGO executives are active on more than one platform, however they are underinvesting in the largest, mass market platforms (Instagram & Facebook).
  • Twitter and LinkedIn are the most utilized platforms for leaders in this sector.
    Twitter: 66% are active users
    LinkedIn: 58% are active users
  • 28% do not have a biography listed on the organization website. Search engine results are the foundation of your digital reputation and your website biography is a key component of the top results.

of executives from NGO Advisor’s Top 50 NGOs are active on social media.

Leaders on social media must adopt new platforms, develop a signature content campaign to break through the noise.

For leaders without an online presence, there is urgency to begin.

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What the top Connected Leaders do right globally

Use visuals
The Top 50 Connected Leaders understand the importance of visual content, with a majority using photos and videos in their posts in the last year.

Be yourself
Leaders who are connected and respected share another characteristic – they’re themselves. Authenticity is a key factor in meaningful digital communications.

Commit to consistency
The Top 50 Connected Leaders post more frequently than other active CEOs. These leaders post twice as much content as their peers, while maintaining a high level of quality in their content.

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