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Connected Leadership in Singapore

Despite growing expectations from key stakeholders and the efficacy of the government’s use of social media during the pandemic, data shows that business leaders in Singapore are missing a key opportunity to engage, build and sustain trust, and connect.

New research from Brunswick shows that corporate stakeholders in Singapore expect business leaders to be adaptive, connected, and engaged – using social media to do so. 

Key Findings

  • Almost 9 in 10 employees say it is important for CEOs to actively communicate on social media about their company – higher than stakeholders globally – yet just one third of employees in Singapore think their company’s leaders are doing this effectively.
  • In a crisis, the expectation for Connected Leadership is magnified. 96% of employees cite the importance of CEO communications on social media during a crisis, 10 points higher than employees around the world.
  • By a substantial 14:1 ratio, employees would prefer to work for a CEO who embraces digital and social media – and would trust a Connected Leader even more so.
  • Employees and financial readers are likely to use LinkedIn and Twitter to follow companies and their leaders, but many employees think leaders should also use WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube.

The Landscape

15 to 1

employees trust a CEO who uses social media as part of their work more than one who does not.

9 out of 10

employees say it is important for CEOs to actively communicate on social media.


of employees believe the leaders of their company could be more effective at using social media to communicate with them.

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We asked 5,200 readers of financial publications and 6,500 employees of companies with more than 1,000 employees – groups emblematic of the external stakeholders business leaders want to reach – about their communications expectations of corporate leaders across 13 different countries and markets.

From misinformation to employee engagement to crisis, the data is clear. Stakeholders expect executives to adapt to the changing circumstances they face. They expect a Connected Leader.

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