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Unlocking the potential of the human mind.

Tianqiao and Chrissy Chen are philanthropists with a passionate belief in the power of brain research. Our brief was to showcase how rapid scientific developments are already improving the lives of individuals and positively impacting wider society... and the best is yet to come. In response, we created the feature-length documentary Minds Wide Open, a promotional website and social media campaign to build awareness of the film.

Filmed across several continents, dramatically directed and featuring some of the foremost scientific minds of our age, the film’s scale and ambition matched that of the Chens. Broadcast on the Discovery channel and now available on Amazon and iTunes, the multi award-winning documentary has been described as, "a truly beautiful portrayal of cutting-edge science."

The social media campaign generated 17m ad impressions, 1.25m views of the trailer and 55,000 visits to the MWO website in the first 12 weeks after launch.



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