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Chatham House | Cyber 2019

 Cyber 2019 explored questions including:

  • Will nation states reach a consensus on responsibly governing cyberspace?
  • How can governments and industry collaborate effectively to combat cybercrime?
  • How can AI be used responsibly to secure cyberspace?
  • Who should be held accountable in the event of a cyber attack?
  • Is there enough attention paid to the ethical aspects of cyber policy and regulation?


Ria Thomas was a speaker at the session "Crisis Management, Mitigation and Accountability".  This session will consider the practical implications of a cyber-attack, the fallout of a data breach and managing the loss of trust for a company.

  • Who should be held accountable in a cyber-attack and a data breach? How can companies maintain credibility following an attack?
  • What policy changes and legislation are in development to address these concerns and protect businesses?
  • Are senior leaders and C-suite executives equipped with enough understanding of cyber security to prepare and protect their businesses? What can businesses do to educate their employees in responsible cyber practice and implications?
  • What can companies learn from recent cyber-attacks on companies, and what is best practice in crisis management and mitigation?

The Chatham House Rule
To enable as open a debate as possible, this conference was held under the Chatham House Rule.

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