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Delivering an investment presentation in an unconventional way.

Delivering an investment presentation in an unconventional way.

CEPI has been crucial to the development of vaccines providing hope in the global battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. It is also pioneering projects to reduce future epidemic and pandemic risk. In announcing a $3.5 billion plan of action, its leadership team needed to deliver a compelling presentation to reach its key investor and stakeholder audiences, many of whom were encountering Zoom fatigue - so they turned to Brunswick.

After a year of remote working, CEPI needed a livelier, more engaging format to grab audience attention and help fundraise for its critical ongoing missions. Our integrated team explored a way of delivering an investment presentation in a less conventional style – creating a hybrid virtual online programme event published via our webcasting platform.

A live presenter-led, news-style programme carried pre-recorded film segments as well as an impassioned investment case made by its CEO, after which we conducted a live question and answer session with the online audience via the platform’s chat function. The presentation also captured incredible support messages from global heads of government and leaders of the scientific community.

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