A conversation with John W. Rogers, Jr. | Brunswick Group

A conversation with John W. Rogers, Jr.

John Rogers is an investor, philanthropist and founder of Ariel Investments, which is the United States' oldest minority-run mutual fund firm.

He is on the boards of McDonald’s, NIKE and The New York Times Company – and he’s a long-time leader of efforts to open up opportunities for Black executives in the corporate world.

In his view, economic inequality lies at the root of the problems facing Black communities. He sees this as an injustice that implicates even those who are repulsed by racism: “Dr. King once talked about the fact that progressive whites abhor prejudice, but they accept and tolerate economic injustice,” he says.

What role can businesses play in tackling racial and economic injustice? How can we close the wealth gap? Will the current corporate scramble to support Black Lives Matter result in meaningful change? A webinar briefing and discussion on these issues hosted by Neal Wolin, CEO of Brunswick Group

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