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Corporate birthday cards

It's debatable how much appreciation and engagement companies can engender by sending their workers birthday cards. But it can’t hurt, and it costs a lot less than health insurance

A 75-pack assortment of employee birthday cards costs $125 from Hallmark Cards, the Kansas City-based greeting cards giant. 

A Brunswick Insight survey of 2,000 employees in the US and UK found that 40 percent receive birthday cards from their employers.

That percentage is slightly higher in the US than in the UK: 46 percent versus 35 percent. About 44 percent of all workers surveyed said that they had received a birthday card from one or more of their colleagues.

Considering that the majority of US workers are employed by small businesses, the most surprising – and depressing – result of the survey might be that nearly 40 percent of those surveyed received no birthday card either from their colleagues or their employers. 

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