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Taking a giant leap forward

By creating a refreshed brand and weaving authenticity into a multi-messaging reporting suite, we produced a world-class report that delivered on narrative and accessibility.

Aviva challenged us to create a world-class reporting suite bringing together Aviva’s Annual, Sustainability and Climate Reporting. Telling their story of 2021; Aviva began to deliver on its promise to become the business that their customers, people, and customers deserve it to be. Critically weaving authenticity throughout with a refreshed brand proposition: it takes Aviva, strong narrative, and thoughtful photography.

With the customer brief to be digital first, we executed a hybrid solution, allowing for the storytelling elements of the Strategic Report and Governance to be created
Taking a giant leap forward.

From Board down the final reports have been universally applauded across Aviva – with a significant step change in disclosure and creative execution. The suite firmly hits the overall brief. With the addition of an online landing page, new for this year, built carefully within Aviva’s dotcom eco-system. Clever and thoughtful UX allows audiences to navigation to the key highlights of the report quickly and effectively – allowing further longevity post launch.


Aviva AR21 Case Study 1 And 3 Pager NEW2


Aviva AR21 Case Study 1 And 3 Pager NEW3