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Cyber security campaign

Amadeus processes almost a billion travel transactions each year and so it's not surprising that cyber security is a business-critical issue. They needed employees to get on board and help them protect customers, the business and themselves.

We chose to revitalise rather than reinvent. The idea of a phantom had been used before for a couple of ad hoc communications, but by developing a more defined purpose and personality we were able to offer a leading role in the campaign. Our phantom, less corporate, more fun, became the omnipresent expert and the voice of conscience, always there to remind employees of their responsibilities.

The return of the phantom was an instant hit. The campaign kicked off with an innovative, informative and memorable animation that introduced the phantom to all employees, and was followed by a wide range of materials to deliver the required reach and resonance for the core messages. The ability of the phantom to juxtapose the serious business messages proved highly successful in delivering the desired significant improvement in awareness and understanding across the organisation.

Amadeus 1

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