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Creating a simple and memorable ESPP campaign.

Allianz wanted to rollout a new annual global Employee Share Purchase Plan and asked us to help ensure all employees were sufficiently aware and informed to make this important investment decision. Such plans are inherently complex and often dry, making engaging communications a challenge.

Our focus on simplicity started with developing a powerful core proposition ‘Invest in Allianz, Invest in Yourself’. We converted the legal terms and conditions into a series of clear, simple and actionable messages that reflected the employee experience of the investment process. Our creative platform featured two squirrels, who helped deliver the narrative in an innovative, accessible and emotive way.

The pioneering campaign successfully reached over 120,000 employees in 42 countries, and was translated into 21 languages. The campaign included digital posters and banners, pdf guides, environmental graphics, infographics and animated gifs. We also produced two informative, but fun animations, an endorsement film with the senior leadership team, and a user generated film.

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