Abiola Akinyemi - interview with Shanshan Group Founder, Mr. Zheng Yonggang

Shanshan Group Founder: The secrets of success are strategic foresight and vision

It is a bright Saturday morning in Beijing when we head out to the home of Mr. Zheng Yonggang, the chairman of the Chinese clothing giant, Shanshan Group Co., Ltd. Only a few kilometres away from his apartment, China’s aspirations of becoming the next global superpower are on display as it prepared to host leaders and representatives from over 130 countries at the Belt and Road Forum, a key global development strategy unveiled by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 that will increase Beijing’s influence across the globe. Such Chinese-led global development is sure to be a boon for entrepreneurs like Mr. Zheng but there seems to be other things on his mind this morning as he picks at the plate of fruit in front of him.

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