Zoran Bozovic
The people and the opportunities are second to none.

Zoran Bozovic

Partner, People and Performance

Zoran is a Partner responsible for People and Performance. Drawing on his knowledge of individual and group dynamic, therapeutic experience and his work across cultures, often in challenging environments, Zoran works to ensure that Brunswick continues to be a place where people learn, develop and fulfil their potential.

He has spent most of his professional life helping his patients, clients and colleagues be happier, more fulfilled and more successful in what they do. He joined Brunswick in May 2002 having worked with Brunswick as an external coach for two years.

Zoran qualified as an MD in Belgrade and as a Specialist in Psychiatry at Zagreb Medical School and is a member of the Institute of Group Analysis in London.

Prior to joining Brunswick, Zoran has worked in the field of professional support, training, and development, while running his full time psychotherapy practice. His work experience includes running a General Medical Practice for two thousand people on a construction site in the Algerian Sahara, working in the field of disability, helping victims of torture, cancer patients, and supporting professional development of psychiatrists, psychologists, and hospital managers.

At Brunswick, Zoran oversees the global HR function, training, and individual and group development, while providing firm-wide support for people in their quest to deliver best service to their clients.