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Its stories provoke thought, stimulate conversation and spur action. Beautiful to see and a pleasure to touch, The Brunswick Review is the Cartier of magazines, printed in London using Italian stock that is luxuriously heavy (and recycled). 

Its pages have featured luminaries including Rupert Murdoch, Bob Zoellick, Randall Stephenson, Osamu Nagayama, Angela Ahrendts, Oliver Williamson and Misty Copeland.

The Brunswick Review is committed to the hard work of researching and writing articles that explain and illuminate topics and trends of importance to business and political leaders across the globe.

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Kevin Helliker Editor

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Critical moments

Typically, each Brunswick Review ends with a snapshot from history, an event we term a Critical Moment, in which destiny appears to suddenly unfold, affecting lives and events well into the future. While these are often touchstones of popular culture, our report includes some little-known aspect – news of the Wright Brothers’ success wasn’t appreciated until years after their initial flight, captured for posterity in a photograph; what is now most memorable about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream" speech turns out to have been improvised, inspired by the moment.

These are vignettes that encourage us to regard history in more detail and to take deeper notice of events in our own time – what will be our Critical Moments

Some of our favourite critical moments