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Quinton Chan

Quinton Chan

Partner, Hong Kong

An accomplished public affairs advisor, Quinton has worked with a range of clients, from conglomerates to NGOs, on high-profile litigations, land-zoning applications, political-protest responses, regulatory enforcement, M&As, labour relations and trade disputes.

With over 20 years’ experience as a journalist, including four years as News Editor at the South China Morning Post, Quinton’s insight into the city’s most complex and multifaceted issues is unparalleled.

Trained as an investigative journalist, Quinton brings investigative thinking to Brunswick and helps clients to navigate the media and political landscape in Hong Kong. Not only is he adept at analysing issues and policies in order to understand the story so far, he also has the keen foresight and long-term focus to anticipate what comes next.

Quinton has cultivated a strong network of contacts across the city’s government and business sectors, and as a key media and crisis trainer for Hong Kong  major businesses and public bodies, he is able to contextualise complex situations in order to deliver strategic direction.

Quinton’s PR and journalism work has been recognised with numerous industry awards, including the Journalist of the Year award from SOPA. He has a MA in Communications from Simon Fraser University, Canada, and a PhD in Hong Kong Studies from the University of Hong Kong.