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The Talk at Brunswick: Wall Street Sage John Rogers on Why Black Wealth Matters

The Ariel Investments Founder says racism explains why the net worth of Blacks with four-year college degrees has declined even as the wealth of white graduates soared.

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John Rogers is founder and CEO of Ariel Investments, a firm with over $10 billion in assets under management. He is also one of the leading African American CEOs. A Chicagoan and friend of the Obamas, he served as co-chair for the Presidential Inaugural Committee 2009, and more recently joined the Barack Obama Foundation’s Board of Directors.



Brunswick Review first interviewed in March, when we discussed how businesses should be considering race and income inequality and the problems of doing so in the midst of pandemic. Before we could publish that interview, George Floyd’s death at the hands of police set off a global wave of protests and civil unrest that changed the conversation. We found John more than happy to talk to us again and share his views in light of this new critical perspective.

The complete write-up, “Black Wealth Matters,” features excerpts from both interviews and appears in Brunswick Review’s ongoing Issue X: The COVID-19 Edition.

Click on Play in the Spotify player above to listen in to John’s responses as he talks with the Brunswick Review editors. This is Episode 3 of our new podcast, “The Talk at Brunswick,” where we feature interesting conversations with the leaders in business, culture and political life that go into each issue of the Brunswick Review. Click here to subscribe.


Carlton Wilkinson is the host of The Talk at Brunswick and Managing Editor of the Brunswick Review.