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Maxim Petrov

Maxim Petrov

Director, Singapore

Maxim thinks and works fast, propelled on by one question: what will happen next?

Fascinated by the future of Asian businesses, and their interconnectedness with the rest of the world, he has a thorough understanding of strategic and commercial drivers in the region. Maxim’s cross-sector experience informs his robust approach to building strategies for Brunswick’s clients, in which he distils complex global issues into valuable insights that inspire strong and effective decision-making.

Maxim’s unique industry background, including eight years specializing in energy and resources, has seen him deep-dive into sectors such as US tight oil, Canadian upstream operators, and European integrated companies—he knows what ‘good’ really looks like for an organization. As the world’s most capital-intensive sector, energy and resources is complicated and highly exposed to the vagaries of geopolitics. With his high-level analytical skills and expert understanding of critical issues related to energy, climate change, ESG and financial services, Maxim supports clients looking to pivot, adapt and evolve their businesses globally.

Maxim is CFA Level 1 certified and has worked in London, Edinburgh, and Singapore. He has a Master of Arts (Hons) in Economics from the University of Edinburgh.