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Katelin Stevenson

Katelin Stevenson

Director, Hong Kong

Armed with a decade of experience in the world of corporate finance, Katelin is a formidable asset to have onside in high-stakes engagements.

A former advisor to London Stock Exchange-listed clients on IPOs, M&As and regulatory issues, she turned her focus to the corporations of Asia in 2014, where she has become a trusted consultant specializing in advising finance firms that are facing complex crises. Katelin helps organizations implement critical remediation activities—often hinging on license retention—while containing any fallout and bringing the situation under control.

Driven to add value to how organizations engage with the world, Katelin finds unique solutions to unique challenges. She has a detailed understanding of the pressures facing financial institutions, and she uses this insight to help clients navigate complicated issues while empowering them to grow through the process. Well-versed in the mechanics of financial transactions and the impact of technical and regulatory obligations, Katelin approaches communications with a 360-degree awareness of regulator, stakeholder, investor, employee and customer perspectives.

Katelin has a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and History from the University of Queensland, Australia. She holds certificates in Securities and Corporate Finance from the UK Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments and is a former FCA-approved person (CF30 designation).