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Doug Sosnik

Doug Sosnik

Senior Advisor, Washington, D.C.

Doug is a policy and political expert who has closely advised President Bill Clinton and multiple U.S. Senators, governors, Fortune 100 corporations, foundations and universities for 35 years.

Doug Sosnik has for decades advised a range of organizations and individuals on their critical issues. His clients have included the National Basketball Association, the Motion Picture Association of America, CNBC, The Rockefeller Foundation and The University of North Carolina. 

He served as a senior advisor to President Clinton from 1994 to 2000, playing a key role in policy, strategy, political and communications decisions in the White House; his titles included Senior Advisor for Policy and Strategy, White House Political Director and Deputy Legislative Director. He has also advised over 50 U.S. Senators and governors.  

Doug co-authored a New York Times bestseller, Applebee’s America: How Successful Political, Business and Religious Leaders Connect with the New American Community.

He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Duke University.