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Diane Murray

Diane Murray

Director, Head of Operations, Asia-Pacific

Diane believes that a strong foundation of reliable data is key to building an effective communications strategy.

As part of Brunswick Insight in Asia, she provides research, consultancy, and advisory services to industry leaders in everything from financial services, aviation, and technology, to real estate and healthcare. A master problem solver, Diane takes a rigorous, structured approach to her work, and she delivers—the methods she has devised to help businesses articulate their vision, strategic direction, and value to society have fuelled the growth of numerous multinational corporations in Asia.

Diane has both an analytical mind and intuitive people skills, and she believes it is essential to ensure strategy is effective across a complex group of stakeholders with differing needs. As Chief of Staff to Brunswick Managing Partner Lisa Foley, Diane can mobilize people in pursuit of a common goal while fostering relationships across sectors, business units, and specializations—and she makes sure to champion inclusion and diversity at every stage. By blending traditional research methodologies with advanced analytic techniques, Diane gets to the heart of her clients’ issues, then uses robust, data-driven communications strategies to help them find a path forward.

Diane has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Psychology from the University of Canberra and a Master of Business in Marketing from RMIT University.