The Armory Show - leading in crisis management for a premier New York art fair

Offering guidance and expert advice in response to a critical issue for The Armory Show

Two weeks before The Armory Show opened its 25th Anniversary edition, the fair received startling news that half of their long-time exhibition space on New York City’s piers could not be used due to deteriorating structural conditions.  The Armory Show quickly identified an alternative space, however the fair faced a reputational risk from galleries affected by the change as well as misplaced culpability for the infrastructure problem.  Brunswick Arts worked closely with The Armory Show to manage communications with all necessary parties, including participating galleries, visitors, the media, the fair’s parent company, and the City of New York, who manages the piers. We developed messaging to effectively convey the unforeseen relocation and highlight the fair’s efforts to ensure a smooth transition. On the media front, we advised on placing the initial news with a trusted outlet and supported subsequent press inquiries.  As a result, all registered exhibitors reaffirmed their participation in the fair and their trust in The Armory Show’s team, resulting in a successful anniversary edition, celebrated for the quality of its exhibitors and programs.