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It’s no secret that an executive’s reputation directly impacts the company, from market value to talent attraction and retention. While there are a range of earned, owned, and paid levers to help enhance a leader’s reputation, often overlooked in this mix is the importance of owned digital channels. In fact, Brunswick’s 2022 Connected Leadership Report and Digital Investor Survey found that:

  • 74% of employees say that the overall reputation of their CEO is an important factor when deciding to stay with their current employer
  • 82% of employees will research a CEO’s online presence when considering whether to join a company or not
  • 62% of employees form their first impressions from the company’s corporate website
  • 65% of investors refer to Investor Relations (IR) websites to acquire information that is more accurate and reliable than traditional media

With so many key stakeholders forming impressions of companies and leaders on owned and social channels, it’s critical for companies and leaders to optimize these channels to define their online reputation before others do. 

Read on for more on this topic and be sure to check out my recent publication on how leaders from different companies can best collaborate for a greater good here.    



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Gone are the days when a CEO could go undercover. Not only do investors, financial readers, and employees expect leaders to be online, but it’s never been more important to invest in resources to get it right.

Even if executives are absent from social media, their online presence – from the bio on their company’s website to Google and Wikipedia results – shape stakeholders’ impressions. So just showing up online in an authentic – and visible way – is vital, regardless of whether an executive opts to use social media.

Learn what steps leaders should be taking right now on owned channels to create a more meaningful online presence.
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LinkedIn Launches Native Carousel Posting Option

Users will soon have the option to upload carousels instead of using the PDF attachment option to create individual frames. Once this feature is live, incorporate carousels into your content plan and measure its performance to see if they resonate with your audiences.

Instagram to Focus on Reels

Leaning into the popularity of TikTok videos, Instagram will now feed all video uploads into Reels. Find ways to go beyond talking-heads videos by using GIFs, Lives, selfie videos, and Reels, ensuring that personality shines through.

Google Delays Cookie-Cutting to 2024

Google planned to discontinue Chrome’s support of third-party cookies this year but now plan to start phasing them out in 2024. Consider ways to collect first-party data to reach key stakeholders. This may include email lists captured through the site, a newsletter, or opt-in pixel tracking.

LinkedIn Rolls Out New Features, Pinned Comments Function

Now users can post using designed templates to stand out in feeds and include stickers within the creative to drive more direct responses to your updates. Users can also pin top comments and Company Pages can pin updates to the top of their feeds. As these features continue to roll out, pin critical messages and important comments to the top and test out new content to see if it resonates with audiences.

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