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During a period characterized by crises and conflicts, Connected Leadership has proven to be critical for preparedness and resiliency. In the past month, we’ve seen executives use their platforms to support Ukraine in innovative ways – ranging from announcing significant actions companies are taking to help, to sharing photos of CEOs and colleagues providing assistance at the border, to allowing humanitarian organizations to “takeover” executive channels.

In our increasingly saturated news environment, social media provides a direct line of communication to inform and reassure stakeholders when clarity, control, and scale are essential. And it’s increasingly expected, as 9 out of 10 financial readers cite the importance of Connected Leadership during a crisis. Adaptive executives who build trust before it's needed and have an established channel for digital engagement are better positioned to lead more effectively when it matters most.

With social media changing expectations for businesses, read on for more on how leaders – including board members – can strategically use social media and what questions they should be asking to mitigate risk.  

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Read the most recent column from The Brunswick Review: Social Media in the Boardroom

Today’s digital landscape offers significant opportunities for business leaders and companies to reach and engage critical audiences. Opportunities are abundant, but so too are the risks.

How can effective directors ensure the organization is handling social media risks & opportunities appropriately? The key is to ask the right questions and challenge leadership appropriately.

Learn what leaders should be thinking about to advance business objectives via social media.

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News You Can Use

LinkedIn Creates Podcast Network

Leaning into the popularity of podcasts, LinkedIn launched a ‘LinkedIn Podcast Network’ where it will host a range of shows focused on key professional trends, created by both internal staff and external experts. Tap into opportunities with audio-only formats by exploring Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse, and the upcoming LinkedIn Live Audio format.


Twitter Tests Downvotes Worldwide

Users will soon have the option to downvote Tweets on posts and replies. Downvotes will not be public, but upvotes will be shown as likes. Once this feature is live, incorporate downvotes in your measurement routine to gauge what is resonating with followers and optimize content for the future.


Facebook Reels Launches Globally

To capitalize on the popularity of short-form video content, Facebook made Reels available in 150 more regions and added a Reels draft section. As short-form video continues to resonate with and captivate audiences, find new and exciting ways to use video – from GIFs to Lives to motion graphics.

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