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We are excited to announce the release of Brunswick’s annual Connected Leadership study. We asked 11,700 people in 13 countries and markets what they expect of corporate leaders.

The evidence is clear: following a year characterized by change, uncertainty, and stress, leaders must adapt to be more accessible and transparent, deepen connections with stakeholders, and embrace digital and social media tools to reach people.

Download the full report here or scroll down for our research highlights.



1) People increasingly experience business leaders and their companies through their screens. To reach them, business leaders need to adapt to digital tools and earn their attention. Majorities of employees and financial readers expect business leaders to communicate on social media.

2) Where and how people work won't be the same after the pandemic. Covid-19 has created a new audience of people working from home - and many expect to continue working from home after the pandemic subsides.

3) Connected Leadership is a competitive business advantage with talent. Employees would prefer to work for a CEO who uses social media by more than a 5:1 ratio compared to a CEO who does not.

4) Business leaders must fortify their reputations online to build and sustain trust. 75% of financial readers trust a Connected Leader more than a CEO who does not use social media as part of their work. Practical benefits drive this preference, including accessibility and transparency.

5) Crises are magnified without Connected Leadership. Employees and financial readers strongly believe it’s important for a CEO to communicate on social media during a crisis. To get through a crisis with their reputation intact, executives have to engage with speed, authenticity, and transparency on social media.

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Few New Years’ resolutions come as a surprise. Cultivating a meditation practice, exercising more, using our phones less - how many times have we heard some version of these? Yet our advice for 2021 may come as something of a surprise: every CEO should resolve to establish an effective social media presence. 5 minutes a day is all it takes.

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Connected Leaders span countries, sectors, and backgrounds—but make an impact by being active, visual, engaging, and authentic. Here are three CEOs we’re following this month:

Laysha Ward
EVP & Chief External Engagement Officer, Target

Ward’s activity on social media is candid, authentic, and powerful. Beyond reinforcing Target’s own commitments to racial and social justice, Ward shares resources for DE&I action across industries, highlighting personal perspectives and meaningful conversations along the way.

Chris Kempczinski
CEO, McDonald’s

Via his ongoing series, One on One with Chris K., Kempczinski interviews McDonald’s employees across the globe to unite his global workforce and reinforce McDonald’s values. Check out the Brunswick Review’s interview with Kempczinski here, where he discusses his values-led leadership style.

Apurva Purohit
President, Jagran Prakashan Ltd.

In 2020, Purohit was recognized as one of the platform’s “Top Voices,” and it’s easy to see why. Across LinkedIn and Twitter, Purohit frequently advocates for gender diversity and equality – both in the workplace and beyond – and shares personal lessons in leadership and management.

Explore the Connected Leadership website or get in touch to learn more about how Brunswick can help you with your Connected Leadership journey.

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