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In 2019, Brunswick launched Connected Leadership, the platform to understand how businesses can redefine leadership in a connected world. Since then, we’ve worked with leaders around the globe to shape their online presence, and we’ve found some interesting things along the way that we wanted to share with you in our inaugural newsletter: The Advisory. Each month, we’ll detail the latest in Connected Leadership—from new insights as our research evolves, to best practices and world class examples from leading executives.


Consider Instagram
Instagram is where CEOs garner three times the average engagement compared to Twitter and Facebook, however, across global markets, Instagram sits in third place behind LinkedIn and Twitter. 

LinkedIn is a hit with investors
According to Brunswick Group’s 2019 Digital Investor Survey (2020 report coming soon!) 90% of investors use digital mediums to investigate issues, 63% of them use LinkedIn specifically, and 26% have used LinkedIn to make an investment decision.

Nonprofit leaders surge ahead

More than 86% of the world’s nonprofit CEOs are on social, surpassing corporate CEOs. In order to break through the noise, leaders of NGOs and corporations alike should adopt clear strategies, exceptional content, and a campaign-style rigor.

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From our CEO index, we’ve found that Connected Leaders span countries, sectors, and backgrounds—but are making an impact by being active, visual, engaging, and authentic. Here are three CEOs we’re following this month:

Doug McMillon 
President & CEO, Walmart Inc

Doug recently wrapped up his 30 Days of Good Instagram campaign, which celebrates 30 store associates across the country making an impact. The compelling content underscores Walmart’s corporate values and reaches far beyond an annual report.  


Cecile Cabanis
EVP & CFO, Danone S.A.

Active across both LinkedIn and Twitter, Cecile is active in promoting corporate content, highlighting Danone’s product innovation, fiscal growth, and social responsibility achievements. With a strong mix of visual and text posts, Cecile is a great example of a consistent Connected Leader.

Akio Toyoda
President, Toyota Motor Corporation

Akio leverages Instagram to share dynamic, visual content of both his personal life and Toyota related news, featuring a mix of fast cars and company events. Posting in Japanese and English, Akio’s content is authentic, engaging, and exciting to his stakeholders.

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