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Force of Nature

Christy Brown, widow of the late CEO of family-run Brown Forman, wants to change the world through an emphasis on health. Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson reports.

Ownership Plus Inclusion

A financial stake in the company isn’t enough; employees need to be co-managers. Corey Rosen, author and founder of the National Center for Employee Ownership, talks to Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson.

For the Love of Music

Toks Dada, the new Head of Classical Music at London’s Southbank Centre, talks to Brunswick Review’s Carlton Wilkinson about social change and how the arts should respond.

Listening to the Universe

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory is helping astronomers everywhere find answers to fundamental questions about the universe. It will also reward South Africa for its gutsy leadership. “You’ve got to be globally excellent,” Rob Adam, Director of the Observatory, tells Brunswick’s Marina Bidoli and Carlton Wilkinson.

Rock Star of Taxation

With the OECD from 2012 to 2022, Pascal Saint-Amans electrified tax policy discussions and crafted the global minimum corporate tax and other reforms that will have a profound effect on the global economy in coming years. Now a Brunswick Partner, he talks to Carlton Wilkinson.

Opus focus

Composer George Crumb's scores suggest the mysteries within music, says Brunswick's Carlton Wilkinson

Evil Inc.

Mirror, mirror on the screen, who’s meanest of the mean? Movies reveal how tarnished the image of corporations really is

How the truth can win

An inviting narrative can help bridge political barriers, The Undercover Economist author Tim Harford tells Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson

Millenium jukebox

Music’s secret power offers humanity a bridge through time. Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson talks to entrepreneurs, engineers, artists and administrators of three projects in three countries calling the tune for listeners hundreds of years hence.

Dark Fate

Asteroid impacts are inevitable. What’s the plan?

Only Human

Blockchain’s flaws are being discovered the hard way, says Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson.

Back to Nature

An ambitious Design Triennial at New York’s Cooper Hewitt wants to change the conversation around climate change. Brunswick’s Kim Mitchell and Carlton Wilkinson report.

Monumental Reach

Deborah F. Rutter, President of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, talks to Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson about the Reach, the center’s historic $250 million addition.

The Fantasy Reality

Three hologram entertainment companies offer true stories from the world of the unreal. Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson reports.


From the founding of B Lab in 2006, the “benefit corporation” has inspired a growing movement. Is it a niche, or the future of business? Brunswick’s Carlton Wilkinson reports.

Fragile Legitimacy

Brunswick’s Preston Golson and George Little, both former CIA officers, tell Carlton Wilkinson about the role of intelligence and the US’s national crisis of faith.